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Questions and Answers

Why hasn't the number of my video views changed?

  • YouTube updates its counter every 12 hours. In order to count the views, we suggest you wait 24 hours until the counter is completely updated. If within 48 hours the amount of your views hasn't been updated, please contact the website manager.

How many views can my video get?

  • The number of views will be increasing within 24 hours. The maximum amount per day is 1 million views.

Are they real views?

  • Yes, they are. The views are from the built-in players in the social networks. We do not use any software to boost your video.

Can they block my account?

  • You can be 100% sure that if you use our service your account won't be locked. These are common views, and all YouTube videos are viewed in the social networks.

What is the minimum order?

  • The minimum order is 25,000 views per one video.

What countries do the views originate from?

  • Videos on Facebook - in the USA and Europe/Asia. If you want to specify and choose the required country, please contact the website manager.

What type of payment system do you use?

  • We accept the payments through PayPal.

Why can your company promote my video and increase the views?

  • That's because we know well how to promote and boost the world music video clips, facing strong competition from the top videos. We know all the details and types of views that will help to increase your video audience. For more examples of the last promoted videos, contact our website manager.

Top Questions

How many views do I need to boost my video to the YouTube CHARTS?

In order to boost any video to the CHARTS (youtube.com/charts) of YouTube you need:

  • More than 100,000 views per day
  • Video must be new and viewing should start within the next few hours after the video has been uploaded

Therefore, you should first contact us, make your payment and once the video is uploaded, you immediately provide us with a link to the video and the views will be sent.

Question on Guarantees

What are the guarantees that my video gets views after payment has been made?

For several years YouTube Promotion hasn't had any complaint and has the high Business Level in PayPal.

All orders have been completed on time and so far there haven't been any refunds for unfulfilled obligations. YouTube Promotion provides its customers with the highest standard of service.