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Promoted Videos

A few examples of the promoted videos

Many popular video owners don't want us to show their videos in our portfolio, that's why here are some videos that are not prohibited for public viewing.

Tips for Customers

In order to enhance the effect of video promotion, you need to focus on the video optimization for search engine results. Make sure to use the keywords in the title, description and tags that are appropriate for your video and most frequently requested by YouTube users.

Also, you need to define the titles of other most viewed videos from your category, so then your video with the same title may improve its ranking among similar videos after it has been promoted. The number of views per day directly depends on the position among the similar videos.


What affect do the views have on video?

The effect of views on Charts in YouTube

Let's look at the example of one music video of the unknown project. On August 27th, 29th and 30th, there were sent the video views, and as it is shown in the light blue diagram, the level of views increases and causes the visitors' traffic from the homepage of the Music Category. It's clear from the lilac diagram.

Here you can see a separate diagram of the increased visitors' traffic from the Music Category.

Please note that getting into the Music Category is the hardest thing, because you have to compete with a large number of popular and top videos!

The effect of views on the video ranking in YouTube and Google search engines

As it is shown in the diagram starting from September 8th, there were viewed the music videos from the built-in player in VKontakte and Facebook. Starting from the same day this video has improved its keyword ranking in YouTube search engine.

As it is shown in the diagram starting from September 8th, the visitors' traffic has increased through YouTube search engine. Eventually, the number of visitors increased even more. This happens due to the improvement of the video using multiple keywords in the search engine results. The same increase in the number of visitors was seen in Google when the videos were viewing.


Only active videos can improve their ranking in YouTube and Google search engine results and Charts

According to our tests and large experience in promotion of the various videos on YouTube:

  • The video is at the bottom of the search results among millions of other videos without views

  • No matter how interesting your video is, it won't become popular and visited without the views, especially when it comes to getting to the TOP most popular.