10 Classic Cursed Youtube Videos Always Stressing The Internet [Watch]


Green is not a creative color.

YouTube is a treasure trove of content. You can teach yourself how to crochet or fix a sink. Makeup artists can teach you how to get that perfect contour. Video game streamers play horror games so you don’t have to. But along with all this useful and entertaining content, there are plenty of scary and downright disturbing videos. As a 00 year old teenager. many of these videos completely destroyed my still developing brain.

So grab those headphones, turn off the lights, and prepare to be scared.

Rubber Johnny

This is the video that haunted me to the point that I could never finish watching it. I was so convinced it was real and the titular Johnny was going to get me. However, Rubber Johnny was a creation of Chris Cunningham for a short film and music video for Aphex Twin. The night vision and repeated use of eye glare makes it feel like a hellish movie.

Video dating tape

Dating videotapes have been parodied on YouTube and TV (here’s your Tim and Eric). But this video takes the parody to another terrifying level where you’re not really sure what’s real and what’s fictional. The seemingly harmless men in Hawaiian shirts quickly turn menacing as they yell at the trapped women off-screen. On top of that, disturbing snippets of children’s cartoons are embedded. It’s the epitome of deeply disturbing content that tests the limits of reality.

The Maximum Margin Incident

This one is downright horrifying because it actually happened. In 1987, two broadcast signals in Chicago, IL were hijacked by an individual dressed as Max Headroom. For 30 seconds, this person spoke in gibberish, talking about the news media, about Coke, and ended the show by getting spanked by a flyswatter. Absolutely aberrant. And the problem is that the culprit has never been found. Sure, it’s pretty harmless in the grand scheme of things, but just imagine watching TV and seeing that face appear on your TV. No thanks!

The mysterious stranger

1980s children’s cartoons weren’t always kid-friendly. Take this clip from the 1985 film The Adventures of Mark Twain. Satan, rendered in strange clay and a distorted voice, is constantly changing shape on his small island floating in nothingness. This stranger then decides to teach a group of children a lesson about humanity and death. Nothing like letting Satan explain mortality in a children’s movie.

Don’t hug me I’m scared

Now this is a classic horrifying YouTube video that I still quote to this day. Many of the videos on this list look like found horror footage, hastily uploaded bits of home video to prove the existence of something supernatural. Then there is Don’t kiss me I’m scared, a beautifully made video with puppets that becomes absolutely revolting. Remember kids, green is not a creative color.

Salad fingers

Salad Fingers is another classic YouTube creation that shows just how scary animation can be. David Firth, a British animator with a penchant for the disturbing, created the series. His Salad Fingers series follows the titular creature as he navigates a desolate landscape and finds joy in rusty spoons. He is both endearing and terrifying. But the world around him is even more threatening, becoming more dangerous by the minute.

body of a pig

Look, I know a lot of the so-called paranormal videos uploaded to YouTube are fakes created to get views. And Body of a Pig is no different. Despite that fact, it’s still downright weird as we hear a disembodied voice whisper “I’ve got a pig’s boy” and then growl. That’s why we don’t go looking for ghosts in abandoned places at 3 am!

I feel fantastic

I Feel Fantastic is weird enough on its own, but the context is even scarier. So here you have an android dressed in women’s clothing, singing “I Feel Fantastic” in a weird self-tuned voice with a weird synth in the background. The android, named Tara, was the creation of Jon Bergeron. It’s the weird fodder typical of the early days of the Internet. But then rumors started circulating that Bergeron was a serial killer and Tara was wearing his victim’s clothes. If this has never been confirmed, it has never been denied either… Anyway, Tara and her songs are haunting.

Catacombs of the Lost Man

If you liked As above, so below then you’ll enjoy this supposedly real sequence of a man getting lost in the Paris Catacombs. He can also flee from something chasing him down narrow hallways. This video, used in an ABC Family Special, is claustrophobic and unsettling as you wait for something awful to appear around one of those tight corners. The man in the images was never found.

Possible fallen angel in Catalonia

This video plays out like the beginning of a found footage movie that I would like to see. It takes place in Spain where two men supposedly find giant feathers and then a man with massive wounds on his back. They claim he’s a fallen angel and scary to boot. Although the video has been debunked (I admit my young brain wanted it to be real), its vibe is incredibly impressive and well executed.

It’s a special time

I despise this video because it makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s very obviously an advertisement, and although I hate it, Little Baby’s Ice Cream certainly caught everyone’s attention. The video features a person, made of ice cream, eating themselves while looking directly at the camera. It’s haunting and I want it removed from the internet.

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