10 Stylish Backdrop Ideas for Your YouTube Videos


With so many elements going into creating YouTube videos, it’s easy to run some halfheartedly or even skip them altogether. One of those things is often the backdrop, but that’s an easy thing to fix.

We are going to discuss the importance of your backdrop style, as well as the ease and affordability of executing them. We’ll also suggest some stylish backdrop ideas for your next YouTube video.

Why do you need a stylish backdrop

While your viewers primarily watch your videos for you and your content, the visual components of a video are more important than you might think. People want to enjoy what they’re watching, or they’re more likely to click.

A stylish backdrop allows viewers to associate an aesthetic with your brand, which will ultimately make you more recognizable and increase your views. It will also let them know that you are putting effort into the production, which will lead them to trust you more as a content creator. This is how you capture and maintain a loyal following online.

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Think of the backdrop style as a tool that contributes to the production value of your content. Not only does it set the stylistic mood of the video, but it can also complement the genre of your content, helping viewers paint a complete picture of your channel.

How to get a stylish backdrop

Putting so much emphasis on the backdrop can make you anxious – we get it, YouTubers already have their hands full with tons of other factors that go into video creation. But backdrops are usually inexpensive and easy to set up.

The majority of styles can be achieved through printing or green screen. So if you want to incorporate a brick wall into your backdrop, there’s no need to move your entire recording setup in front of an actual brick wall; just print it out on a sheet of paper or fabric, or shoot with a sheet of green screen and add the brick to the edit.

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There are a wide variety of sheet designs on the market, and some companies allow you to customize your own as well. A background support structure is ideal, but you can skip it and use tape or high-strength adhesive instead.

10 backdrop styles for your YouTube videos

Here are some of the best styles for your YouTube backdrop:

1. Solid color

Man vlogging;  paper wallpaper

A solid color is ideal for the indecisive or impatient YouTuber. If you don’t want to put so much effort into a background, you can’t go wrong with a solid color. All you have to do is pick a color that best represents your brand, and remember to pay attention to its intensity and brightness.

2. Ombre colors

Shaded colors

Ombre colors are another safe and simple choice for those who don’t want to go all out. They add more appeal than solid colors because they involve two or more colors and there is a gradual blending from one to the other. You can express your brand’s color scheme a bit more with this option.

3. Brick wall

painted brick wall

A brick wall print (or a real brick wall if that’s an option) makes a very stylish backdrop. Bricks combine sophistication with a rustic aesthetic and can be incorporated into a variety of styles. There are many different colors, shapes, textures and sizes of bricks, so you’re bound to find a brick design that complements your brand.

4. Wood Panels

Painted wood panels

Wood panels are another great stylistic choice. It’s classy, ​​but not too cold or minimalist. The wood can be painted any color, as the size and layout of the panels also vary greatly. The panels may even have imperfections in the wood, which will help make it look more realistic if printed.

5. Sequins

Sequin and Sequin Fabric

Glitter backdrops are great for YouTubers who love sparkle. It can be printed, but it won’t translate as well as the real deal. There are stores that sell glitter fabric (usually sequins sewn onto mesh) that can easily be turned into a backdrop. You may need to place another sheet behind as sequin fabrics tend to be sheer.

6. Grounds

Repeating triangle pattern

The repeating patterns are very satisfying to look at and add an artistic touch. Since there are endless variations in size, shape, color, and complexity, it’s probably best to stick with a simple pattern, like stripes. This way, you won’t be swallowed up by your backdrop and your viewers won’t be too distracted.

7. Library

library backdrop

A shelf can be integrated into various aesthetics, depending on its appearance. White shelves work well with a contemporary style, while darker woods can create a dark college aesthetic. Of course, you don’t need to buy a shelf, just print one! This way you can also personalize the books and the decor on the shelves.

8. Diary

Collage of newspapers on the wall

If you have a stack of newspapers and are ready to tape one of your walls, you don’t need to print this one. A newspaper aesthetic gives off a vintage vibe, as long as the print isn’t too colorful.

9. Graffiti

graffiti printing

Unless you’re a graffiti artist yourself, using graffiti in your backdrop is a great opportunity to promote an artist’s work. You can have it painted manually on a sheet or printed digitally. It’s an attractive art form to incorporate into your videos, and there are many types of graffiti styles to choose from.

10. Wall decorations

Coffee themed wall decor

Decorating a wall is the perfect method to include more than one element in your backdrop and create a theme. Think picture frames, mirrors, vinyl records, posters, and anything that can go up on a wall. If you have a wall you’re willing to sacrifice for nails and tape, this is one of the most customizable types of backdrops.

Look stylish with your YouTube backgrounds

A stylish backdrop is as important as any other component of video creation. It’s affordable and easy to install, so there’s no excuse not to have one. Try one of the styles listed here for your next video, or combine some, and watch the overall production value of your content increase.

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