6.5-pound meal of American pork garners 3.4 million views on YouTube


In a YouTube video that has been viewed more than 3.4 million times, a petite social media influencer looks through a six-and-a-half-pound spread of American pork butt steaks and pork belly. During the video, she cleans each plate.

The promotion was orchestrated by the US Meat Export Federation with funding from the National Pork Board to mark a South Korean restaurant chain’s switch to refrigerated American pork.

CT Beef Steak has been the Seoga and Cook chain’s signature dish since 2007. The feature has been so successful that other restaurants have sought to copy the style. So Seoga and Cook looked for new ways to stand out from the pack. With the help of USMEF, the differentiating solution was to switch from frozen domestic pork to chilled American pork butt steaks.

To showcase the improved product, USMEF and Seoga and Cook teamed up with YouTuber Tzuyang whose 5.4 million subscribers are drawn to his legendary big appetite.

“This promotion had a great impact, not only to promote the restaurant’s new offering, but also to show Korean consumers the quality of American chilled pork,” said USMEF-Korea Director Junil Park. “Despite increasing COVID restrictions, the use of refrigerated CT scan butts in the United States was 30% higher than expected in December.”

Park adds that so far, 15 Seoga and Cook outlets have switched to refrigerated American pork.

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