9 million YouTube views = 1 year salary from your daily work


Have you ever dreamed of throwing in the towel from your day job and writing “YouTuber” on your tax returns? A fascinating new European study has revealed how many YouTube views are needed to earn the average salary, giving you the financial security to quit your job.

The study finds that if you live in the UK, for example, where the national average net salary is $36,245 / £26,636 / AU$50,046, you would need 9.1 million views on YouTube to earn the same amount of money.

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Interestingly, the UK only has the ninth highest average salary among European countries. The highest, by far, is Liechtenstein, with a net average of $66,494 / £48,853 / AU$91,759 – meaning 16,692,251 YouTube views would be needed to match the national salary.

At the other end of the 43 countries that were part of the study, commissioned by Reboot Online Marketing and looking at data from Lickd, the lowest annual salary is in Armenia – averaging $3,392/2,488 £ / AU$4,673 would require just 850,611 YouTube views to produce.

How many YouTube views does it take to earn the average salary?
Rank European country Avg. salary YouTube views needed
1 Liechtenstein $66,494 16,692,251
2 Switzerland $61,392 15,421,983
3 Luxemburg $48,616 12,204,612
4 Denmark $48,465 12,174,375
5 Norway $45,077 11,318,448
6 Sweden $38,125 9,572,701
seven Ireland $37,390 9,388,291
8 Austria $37,279 9,361,377
9 UK $36,245 9 102 206
ten Germany $34,816 8,742,358

It is perhaps surprising, given their size, global importance and native languages, that three countries did not make the top ten. In France, ranked 12th, the average salary is $30,318 / £22,232 / AU$41,767, which would correspond to 7,598,684 views on the social media platform.

In 16th-ranked Spain, where the national salary is $24,311 / £17,825 / AU$33,490, you could earn the same amount by racking up 6,093,169 views. And in Italy, ranked 18, which has an average salary of $23,560 / £17,275 / AU$32,462, a YouTuber could quit his job by getting 5,907,430 views.

Between the changing landscape of media consumption and, no doubt, the transformative effects of the global pandemic, more people are viewing YouTube as a legitimate career option than ever before.

According to Ahrefs, terms like “How to create a YouTube channel?” and “How to make money on YouTube?” average 182,900 and 85,500 global searches per month, respectively. So if you’re keen to start a career in content creation, you’re not alone…

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