Adele mocks her son for having fewer YouTube subscribers than her favorite players


The ‘Rolling the Deep’ singer pokes fun at her son Angelo because the little boy isn’t too impressed with how many YouTube subscribers she has.

AdeleAngelo, the eight-year-old son, “doesn’t care at all” about having a famous mum.

The singer returned on Friday (15Oct21) with her comeback track ‘Easy On Me’ from her new album ’30,’ which is dedicated to the young and inspired by her divorce from her husband. Simon Konecki in 2019.

Speaking on The Hits Radio Breakfast Show with Fleur East, the ‘Someone Like You’ singer gushed about her child but insisted he was far from impressed with her success.

“He loves the players, like he loves Flamingo and everyone else, like I mean yeah, he doesn’t mind me at all,” she laughed. “He doesn’t care at all.”

“He’s like you’re so busy all the time now, like bla-bla. But no, he doesn’t care and he always compares.”

She added, “He was telling me the other day that the number of YouTube subscribers I have is nowhere near as high as the big players. I was like, ‘Okay, kid, thank you for that.” Again, no, he’s not really aware of it yet.”

However, Adele hopes to win him over by bringing him to some of his work engagements in the coming weeks.

“It’s coming to a few, sort of work things I have coming up and we’ll see,” she mused. “But I’m sure he’ll just say, ‘Well, I think Flamingo did it like this or that…'”

“Like, yeah, but he’s awesome, he’s a lot of fun, he’s a very sweet little boy.”

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