Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ Music Video Hits 2 Billion YouTube Views – Billboard


Adele’s music video for “Rolling in the Deep” hit a climax as it became the singer’s second visual to hit two billion views on YouTube. By Friday morning (March 25), the video had nearly 2,000,198,000 views.

Full of shorted out light bulbs and broken plates, the Sam Brown-led project matched the song’s composed anger so well that it earned a spot on Billboard 2018 ranking of the 100 best music videos of the 21st century.

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“The room full of glasses of water gently shaking to the rhythm of the bass drum of ‘Rolling in the Deep’, as jurassic park to the power of ten, rightly presaged what Adele 21 ended up being, Billboard rated from the video, which ranked 97th on the list. “A commercial juggernaut whose likes were supposed to be long gone. It all starts here: director Sam Brown capturing the one-of-a-kind singer in a generation both most vulnerable and powerful, unsure if the wreckage around her is representative of her internal turmoil or a direct result of it.

The 33-year-old singer’s first video to hit the milestone was her 2015 visual for “Hello,” which is still the fastest video on the platform to reach one billion views. It took just 87 days to break Psy’s record for “Gangnam Style,” and there are currently only 40 million views to reach the three billion mark.

As of 2022, “Rolling in the Deep” remains one of Adele’s best singles. Not only was it her first song to top the Billboard Hot 100, it also spent seven weeks at No. 1 in 2011 and remained on the chart for 65 weeks. She has achieved four more number 1s since then, including “Hello” and the lead single from her latest album. 30“Easy On Me” – both of which ruled the chart for 10 weeks.

Relive one of the biggest hits of 2011 by watching the music video “Rolling in the Deep” below:


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