Among Us totaled more than 4 billion views on YouTube in September


Despite being released in 2018, Among Us has surged in popularity this fall to become one of the most popular games in the world. It was particularly successful in YouTube videos, with a dramatic rise in views in September to 4 billion.

According to YouTube, Among Us videos have global appeal, with just under 19% of viewers located in the United States. Mexico and South Korea are the second and third countries in terms of audience and Indonesia represents more than 5% of views. The game does not yet have an in-game chat option, but players often use programs like Discord to communicate.

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Gamers don’t just upload gameplay videos either. More than 6% of views related to Among Us used the word “animation”, according to YouTube statistics. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the percentage of videos are animations, but it does suggest that people are interested in watching “expanded universe” material for the game. Smaller creators have also seen their channels grow from uploading videos among us including entertainment. This despite the fact that the game is also popular with major chains.

It’s no wonder developer Innersloth chose to cancel Among Us 2, instead focusing on maintaining the community and adding more content to the base game. A major beta update added ways to edit voting and added accessibility options for color blind people.

Although not available on consoles, Among Us is currently available on PC, Android, and iOS. The game supports crossplay, so you can enjoy it with your friends regardless of the system. The mobile versions are also free.

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