Baby Shark makes history with 10 billion views on YouTube


Quick, what’s the most popular song of all time? According to YouTube stats, you might not know him if you don’t have kids or haven’t been around kids in the past 6 years. The incredibly must-have children’s song Baby Shark (which you’ll now be humming all day, sorry) made history this week after becoming the first video in YouTube history to top 10 billion views.

As well as being the most viewed video on YouTube, it also spent 20 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, was certified RIAA Diamond (that’s what happens when you go Platinum 11 times) and certified BRIT 2 times Platinum.

The children’s song, created by the Pinkfong company, tells the timeless story of a baby shark and his family (mom, dad, grandma and grandpa) going on a hunt and then fleeing from an unspoken danger (don’t you don’t worry, they find safety in the end). The iconic video features an adorable Asian boy and girl acting out the story with dance moves kids of almost any age can copy, superimposed in lively underwater scenes.

The video was released in June 2016 and garnered millions of views every day until, on January 13, it officially passed the 10 billion view mark – that’s more views than there are. of humans on the planet. Pinkfong’s YouTube channel has over 50 billion views, with over 5,000 stories and songs in 20 different languages.

In November 2020, Baby Shark overtook Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s ubiquitous song “Despacito” as the most viewed video, then topped the top monthly video for 15 consecutive months, pushing it to 2.3 billion views ahead of the pop song. He initially exploded with the #BabySharkChallenge, a viral dance challenge that encouraged people around the world to do the simple dance, with young children and global celebrities joining in.

Now, the Baby Shark franchise features global merchandising, an animated international TV show on Nickelodeon, live tours, interactive games, and even NFTs for sale. A feature film is in development and their Netflix special was the fifth most popular film on the streaming service, with a sequel in the works.

Pinkfong said it plans to continue creating quality children’s content and will celebrate achieving 10 billion views on YouTube with Beyond Infinity, a year-long campaign to tell children that just like Baby Shark , they can achieve whatever they want. do (do do do do do do).

SOURCE: Asian News Today


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