Black Canadian creators making waves on YouTube (VIDEOS)


YouTube on Thursday announced the names of five incredible Black Canadian creators who have received grants from the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund, launched in 2020.

It’s no secret – Canada is home to some of the most creative, fun, educational and talented YouTubers of all time, and the video hosting platform knows it too.

Here are five Canadian creators rising to the top of the video platform, along with their most popular videos:

Nora G’s Corner

instagram: @noragsnook
ICT Tac: @noragee

Artistic and savvy YouTuber Nora G does a bit of everything, but her channel mostly features smart DIYs, interior design ideas, cooking videos and fitness content. Fundamentally, anybody would find his videos useful and educational. Plus, she’s exceptional at finding deals and tips to help you improve the look of your home for less, so she’ll save you a lot of money. In one of these videos, Nora creates a beautiful, high-end piece of wall art using gold thumbtacks from the dollar store!

“I’m an ordinary, quirky, fun-loving girl who loves life and learning, hates being put in a box and is passionate about A LOT of things!” reads Nora’s channel description. His creative videos have amassed 116,500 people on TikTok.

Mane Yousuf

instagram: @maneyousuf

Mane Yousuf has gained a loyal base of over 852,000 subscribers through his funny and wholesome videos. He conducts vox pop style interviews and challenges people to sing or rap popular songs on camera.

“By mixing spontaneous interactions with viral songs, Yousuf has created several shows that showcase his passion and showcase his personality,” YouTube details.

At the time of publication, Yousuf’s channel had 83 million views.


instagram: xoreni
ICT Tac: @xoxoreni

Toronto YouTuber Reni bought her first home at age 23 and has helped educate thousands with financial literacy videos, money-saving tips, investment and tax guides and other useful “mature” topics, such as salary negotiation. She also makes videos on affordable style and beauty options and has created several skincare guides for people with darker skin.

“I aspire to be a resource, to gain knowledge and share it with others,” says Reni. “From finance to career and lifestyle content, my goal is to simplify complex topics.”


instagram: @caribbeanpot

CaribbeanPot’s Chris De La Rosa has been cooking delicious meals on YouTube for over a decade. In fact, his most watched video, which has 8.5 million views, was posted in 2012! De La Rosa has come a long way since her publication and has helped millions of home cooks prepare delicious meals with her recipes.

While Chris primarily focuses on Caribbean cuisine, his channel is not limited to them. You’ll find he can whip up a spicy Lo Mein just as well as an okra curry. After all, his cookbook, The vibrating pot of the Caribbeanwon a Gourmet Prize.


instagram: @babygirl.tos

Nigerian-Canadian designer Tosin Ayeronwi posts vlogs, entertaining “storytime” videos, personal growth tips, Q&As, beauty guides and casual group talk videos on her channel. She’s been posting on YouTube for two years, her goal is to “find people who vibe with me [and my content] authentically.

Did you know that Megan Thee Stallion brought Ayeronwi on stage during one of her concerts? The YouTuber’s life is full of interesting stories and insights that you can’t get enough of.


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