BuzzFeed Australia hits 100,000 YouTube subscribers


Buzzfeed Australia’s YouTube channel has reached 100,000 subscribers.

The announcement:

BuzzFeed Australia has reached 100,000 subscribers on its local YouTube channel. The brand has been a local leader and champion, producing content that uplifts and celebrates underrepresented audiences – from the Heaps Queer series to collaborations with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander talent, as well as a wide range of content hard-hitting songs that celebrate Australia’s POC.

BuzzFeed Australia is the largest local youth publisher on the platform. The winning recipe was talent + food! The “Aussie’s Try Each Other’s Food” series has racked up 500,000 viewing hours and inspired two spin-off editions – “Fast Food” and “Chefs”.

Creative Lead, Julia Willing: “BuzzFeed has always seen the true value of investing in local video production, which has led to remarkable growth for both our audience and our advertising partners. The team has developed a number of repeatable and newsworthy series that have helped cultivate a highly engaged and responsive YouTube community as well as many new sponsorship opportunities.

Supervising Video Producer, Evelyn Bevans: “It has been a joy to work with a team and company that pride themselves on inclusivity and delivering wholesome, shareable and hilarious content that goes viral across Australia and the world. The growth and development of the channel comes down to great collaboration, constant experimentation, and of course, some crowd favorites. Every day we see the community come together and we love to see it.

Source: Buzzfeed press release


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