Eminem shares supercut video to score 50 million YouTube subscribers


Eminem has shared a supercut of some of his most famous music videos to mark a YouTube milestone.

Marshall Mathers has now surpassed 50 million followers on the platform and has shared a new video on Twitter that collects clips from his music videos for “Stan”, “My Name Is”, “The Real Slim Shady” and more.

“Now, how did this fucking metamorphosis happen?” From standing in corners and porches, just rapping,” Eminem tweeted to share the video, quoting his 2002 track “Sing For The Moment.”

Check out the new supercut below.

Elsewhere, Eminem has dabbled in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), spending thousands of dollars on a Bored Ape artwork that looks just like him.

The artwork – which is now the profile picture of Eminem’s official Twitter account – apparently belonged to a Twitter user @Gee__Gazzawho tweeted this he had sold the NFT to Eminem himself. This was picked up by the cryptocurrency news site Decryptwhich reported that Eminem bought the Ape for 123.45 Ethereum, which translates to around $450,000 (£334,000).

Eminem is one of many celebrities to own an NFT distributed by the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Others include Jimmy Fallon, basketball player Steph Curry and Eminem’s “Up In Smoke” tour mate Snoop Dogg.

It’s the latest entrepreneurial venture from the multi-platinum rapper, who notably launched Mom’s Spaghetti restaurant in his hometown of Detroit last year – as well as a new line of merchandise and figurines.

Eminem is also set to appear on Cordae’s upcoming sophomore album, “From A Bird’s Eye View,” alongside Stevie Wonder.

“From A Bird’s Eye View,” which premieres this Friday (January 14), promises a long list of guest features, including Eminem and Wonder, as well as Gunna, HER, Lil Durk, Freddie Gibbs and Nas.


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