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Every time Disney releases another musical movie, there’s a 100% chance that fans around the world will watch it again and again on their phones and computers. Encanto is no different, and people listened to the songs a lot.

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Some songs managed to sneak into people’s brains and didn’t budge an inch, dancing and singing along. If YouTube views are any indication, it’ll be happening throughout 2022, and no one will complain.

8 “You all”

“All of You” is the most recent upload on the DisneyMusicVEVO channel, so it still has the potential to get more views. As of this writing, “All Of You has already accumulated nearly 3 million views. It’s hard not to see why. “All Of You” is the film’s final song, and it’s set to be Encanto’s final music video.

The entire sequence is a beautifully crafted showcase of lessons learned by the Madrigal family. They all begin to learn to value themselves not for some arbitrary gift, but for who they really are. The healthier part of it all is the city’s contribution to help out, showing that they’ve never been ungrateful for all the good things the Madrigals have given them over the years.

seven “Colombia, Mi Encanto”

Final song image "Colombia Mi Encanto" from Encanto

“Colombia, Mi Encanto” is the first all-Spanish song in the film, and it’s a fantastic song. It’s a super fun sequence that captures the vibe of preparations for a Colombian festival. The sun slowly setting in the background, the warm lights and all the families having fun bring that sense of community to the whole affair.

There’s also a lot of subtle character development for Madrigals, including the house itself. You see the differences in how each character assists in gatherings and the supposed “ease” with which they do so. Everyone is excited about the giveaway and the excitement in the air is perfectly captured by the fast-paced festival feel of the song.


6 “Waiting for a Miracle”

“Waiting On A Miracle” is one of the few melancholic songs in the track. It’s related to anyone who’s experienced the oh-so-funny feeling of impostor syndrome. The song has a lot of intense emotion, with Mirabel seemingly on the verge of tears throughout. His insecurities about being part of such a large and important family and feeling completely useless are all too real.

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It’s not hard to see why many watch this footage over and over again. Despite the beauty, a viewer can tell Mirabel’s feelings about all beauty is that she is not one of them. All she wants is a chance to prove she’s just as worthy of her family’s name, a chance she’s never been given. Fortunately, many more people have listened to the song, so there is hope that its message will reach the public.

5 “Dos Oruguitas”

Encanto Dos Oruguitas

The darkest of all songs Encanto, “Dos Oruguitas” is the heartbreaking story of Abuela’s past. His anxiety, rigor and insistence on the importance of family are the result of his past. There is so much pain expressed in the animation and the song that even if the viewers didn’t speak Spanish or had a war history, the audience could feel how much Abuela was in pain.

Her slow realization of how she treated her family, despite all her love for them, is done fantastically from her facial expressions and the dark tale of her youth. It’s the emotional high point of the film, and it brought many viewers to tears because of the unexpected intensity of the scene.

4 “What else can I do?”

Encanto What else can I do

Quarrels between siblings are common, but they didn’t sound so good. What begins as Mirabel desperately (and comically) tries to get Isabela to hug her and save the family, becomes a true heart-to-heart between two siblings who had never really spoken to each other about their feelings. previously. In “What else can I do?” Mirabel realizes that the “perfect” Isabela is under a lot of pressure herself, just like her sister Luisa, she becomes much more understanding.

Apart from the thematic strength of this song, it is also very catchy and colorful. The flowers add such a nice aesthetic to the sequence, and strangely, it’s the most diegetic of all the songs. Not only do the two characters sing, but all of the flora are true, non-metaphorical manifestations of Isabela’s powers. It’s a great subversion of Encantothe use of musicals as metaphorical up to this point.

3 “Surface pressure”

Encanto Surface Pressure Languages ​​Luisa Video

“Surface Pressure” is arguably the most danceable song in the entire movie, until Luisa is fierce on stage (metaphorically). It’s the first “pressure” song in the movie so to speak. Mirabel’s “pressure” song is about wanting to prove yourself, Isabela’s song is about “breaking your ties” and now Luisa’s is about being crushed under the weight of expectations.

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Despite the song’s relatively sad content, the song itself is so upbeat and catchy that viewers find themselves dancing and dancing along to the song. It’s also the first song to have a full musical vibe, completely changing the settings on a whim. The sequence gives viewers clues to the theatrical inspirations of this film.

2 “The Family Madrigal”

“The Family Madrigal” is the very first song in the film, and there couldn’t have been a stronger start. It’s not only catchy, it also establishes all the madrigals in the film with brief but memorable descriptions. The madrigals of the family a great tone for the movie too, with motifs that will be present in the other teased songs.

“Beauty and strength do no harm,” for example, immediately tells the audience two things. Firstly, it already shows how high the expectations placed on the two sisters are, what they struggle with during the film in their songs. Second, it also shows how proud Mirabel is of both of them, and the rest of the movie is that she’s trying to follow their example in her own way.

1 “We are not talking about Bruno”

Encanto We don't talk about Bruno Camilo verse

Disney’s second piece of anti-Bruno propaganda. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is the best musical number of Encanto, and the over 200 million views it has (as of this writing) prove it. It’s also the most theatrical of songs, with lots of repetitive patterns, clashing vocals, synchronized dancing, and even a highlight moment.

The variety of vocals present in this song is amazing, from Dolores’ thrilling whispered vocals to Camilio’s over-the-top, playful cooing, there’s so much to love about “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” It takes a lot of rewatches to spot all the fun little details throughout the song, and adding to the fact that it’s so catchy, it’s no wonder it’s the most-watched Encanto song on YouTube by the fans.

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