Ex-Olympic snowboarder accused of deliberately crashing plane for YouTube views


Former Team USA snowboarder Trevor Jacobs was recently involved in a plane crash in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California, which left people wondering a lot.

After uploading footage of the crash, Jacob became the center of an online controversy with some viewers speculating the video was staged for views.

The video shows Jacob’s plane starting to have some kind of engine failure. Moments later, Jacob – already wearing a parachute – makes the decision to evacuate.

“It was the most intense experience of my life. I never thought I would make it out alive. I promised myself to always take this route by parachute after the death of a friend on the same flight path, and that has been helpful to me,” Jacob said in an Instagram post on Dec. 23.

The unmanned aircraft then crashed into the side of a mountain.

Instagram user @enbm_spotting made this comment on Jacob’s post, raising some of the common arguments people accuse him of crashing on purpose:

“1. You failed to troubleshoot the power loss.

2. You had all the cameras angled to not show any of the perfect landing sites under the plane when you bailed out.

3. You were wearing a parasailer and an altimeter.

4. You bailed out instead of landing at one of the landing sites, in which you had more than enough altitude to glide.

5. You made sure to take a selfiestick before jumping.

6. You intentionally landed near the plane to retrieve the GoPros.

This is all pure BS. Go find things cheaper and better to intentionally destroy than a vintage T-craft.”

Jacobs has yet to respond to those claims.

He was on the flight in order to scatter the ashes of his late friend Johnny Strange. Strange was known to be the youngest person to climb the world’s ‘seven peaks’ (at the time he had climbed them at age 17. This record is now held by someone who has reached all seven peaks in 15 years , five months and 12 days). Strange died in a BASE jumping accident in 2015, with Jacobs sparking controversy by making a video related to the tragic accident.

Watch the full video of Jacob’s accident below:

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