Harmonize on the spot the allegations of buying fake YouTube views


The new self-made record has now placed the CEO of Konde Music Worldwide at loggerheads with his fans, who are still wondering how he managed to rack up all the views when they hadn’t even watched the video.

However, despite the video racking up over 1.3 million views in 24 seconds, it appears to have stalled for the past 9 hours – it only managed to add 100,000 views.

“Over 1.m ready let’s go 🤯🤯🤯🤯 kondegang fc wat crazy team super proud let’s go we made history in game let’s go link in my bio ft bro @ibraah_tz bad boy @travellah 🏁🏁.

“Thank you my brother Chinga, we wrote history together @ibraah_tz siku zote nimekuwa nikikusisitiza kwamba wakati wa mungu ndio wakati sahihi ….!!!!!! let’s go 🚶 mdomo ft king of new school @ibraah_tz,” Harmonzie bragged about the new record.

Not the first time I buy fake views

This isn’t the first time Harmonize has been accused of buying fake YouTube views. In August 2021, the singer was in the spotlight again after the video for his song Teacher garnered over a million views in 10 hours and 2 million in 14 hours.

A portion of his fans have expressed concerns over how Konde Boy managed to go from over 456,000 views to 1 million views in just one hour.

Many argued that the song only garnered 450,000 views in 10 hours, but within minutes of refreshing their streaming platform, the song had already crossed the 1 million mark and even the 2 million mark in 14 hours.

Comments left under Harmonize’s post accused him of buying fake YouTube views just to prove to his competitors that he is a big star.

Critics have argued that Konde Gang and their artists are still battling with fake views on YouTube as they try to show the world that they have a huge following.

In July 2021, Konde was also accused of buying fake YouTube views in order to stay on par with competitors – Alikiba and Diamond Platnumz who had released new songs.


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