Hololive ID’s Kureiji Ollie hits 1 million YouTube subscribers


Kureiji Ollie, Hololive Indonesia’s resident cute zombie VTuber, has officially reached 1 million subscribers, making her the second VTuber from Hololive Indonesia’s Indonesian division to reach such a milestone, alongside Moona Hoshinova. Additionally, Ollie is also the first VTuber among Hololive Indonesia’s second-generation lineup to reach one million subscribers.

According to SocialBlade, Ollie hit the milestone on March 24 this year, with over 4,000 subscribers accumulating to reach the milestone. This is despite Ollie doing a so-called “unsubathon” stream on the same day, an ironic take on the growing number of VTubers doing subathons to achieve milestones.

Ollie explained during the “unsubathon” stream that she was supposed to share something with her fans, but it’s not ready yet, which is why she will do anything to keep the numbers down. In a moment that defines “suffering from success,” Ollie hit the mark anyway.

Kureiji Ollie reaches 1 million subscribers. (Source)

In a series of thank you tweets, Ollie said, “I still can’t believe we’ve finally reached this point…”. Various well-known VTubers and online personalities have praised Ollie, including VShojo’s Ironmouse and Joey “The Anime Man” Bizinger.

Kureiji Ollie debuted alongside fellow Generation members Anya Melfissa and Pavolia Reine on December 4, 2020. Throughout her VTuber journey, she has released several popular music covers, including her solo cover of “Kyouran Hello children!!” and “envy babyalongside Astel Leda. Moreover, she was also part of the discography of the group Hololive Indonesia, notably their single “identify” and their Indonesian folk music mixon the 76th anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Day.

Ollie also rose to prominence in the VTubing community due to his chess playing, which was documented during the “Arc Tournament 2” hosted by Chess.com. In this tournament, Ollie placed 6th. She is also known for playing Apex Legends and constantly suggesting others play it as well. She was a commentator for the Aegis Apex Legends Invitational Tournament alongside famous European player Dan “rpr” Ušić.

Most recently, Ollie joined the rest of the Hololive VTuber lineup at the Hololive Super Expo 2022 online program held March 19-20, the same weekend as the Hololive 3rd fes. Link your Wish gig.

Source: Live broadcast on YouTube
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