How to Edit Downloaded YouTube Videos Without Losing Views


There are times when you’ve downloaded a YouTube video and garnered a small number of views, only to find you’ve made a glaring mistake. If you fix the problem on your computer and then upload a new video, you will lose the views generated by your YouTube post.

But does it really have to be so? Luckily, you can perform minor video fixes right on the video hosting platform. Here’s what you can do to fix minor video errors without losing view count.

Removing Errors in YouTube Videos

YouTube doesn’t want creators to make significant changes to videos they’ve already uploaded, especially if they’ve already been viewed. This is because uploading a new video that will replace an existing video while retaining the properties of the previous video may mislead viewers and YouTube’s algorithm.

Still, the platform knows that sometimes creators make minor honest mistakes, or someone featured in the uploaded video may demand that they be removed. So, to grant this, creators can cut scenes from their video without resetting the metrics of a video.

How to Cut the Beginning or End of a YouTube Video

cut the beginning of a cat video on YouTube Editor

You must first sign in to your YouTube Studio account to edit your video. Then follow these simple instructions:

  1. Once you’re on the Channel Dashboardclick on Contents in the left menu.
  2. You will see all the videos you have uploaded to the Channel content page. Click on the thumbnail of the video you want to edit.
  3. Now you will see the Video details page. To choose Editor from the left pane.
  4. You will now access the video editor the window. Here, click Garnish, and a blue box will then appear in the chronology part of the window.
  5. Drag both ends of the blue box to trim sections from the start or end of your video. Only the part of your video inside the box will remain downloaded.
  6. Once you are happy with the trim, click Overview at the bottom of the screen to see what the final edited video will look like.


To confirm the changes you have made, click to safeguard in the top right corner, just above your video preview window.

How to cut a section of your YouTube video

cut middle of cat video on youtube editor

If you want to remove the middle part of your video, the procedure is almost similar. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, click Garnish. A blue box will appear again in the timeline part of the window.
  2. Now, instead of dragging the ends of the box, click at the start of the section you want to delete in the timeline.
  3. Alternatively, you can scroll your mouse over the timestamps just above the blue box or insert the exact seconds and frame number directly into the Timestamp land next to Garnish button.
  4. Once you are sure of the starting point of your cut, click on To divide at the bottom of the screen.
  5. A blue bar should appear right where you set the start of the cut. Drag the bar to the desired end of the section you want to cut.

Now, as before, click Overview to see the final result then click on to safeguard to update your changes to YouTube.

How to Undo Cuts in YouTube Studio

How to undo a video trim on YouTube Editor

When you want to undo the trims you made at the beginning or end of your video, just drag the blue box back to its previous position. But if you want to remove the trim you made in the middle of the video, you need to click on the X marker just above the section you are about to delete.

If you want to undo all the changes you have made, click Erase everything at the bottom of the screen. Or, if you’ve already clicked Preview, choose Discard changes instead of Save. You can also press the three points icon beside to safeguard and click on Return to original to discard any unsaved changes.

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Blur parts of your YouTube video

If someone contacts you and wants to be removed from your video, but they’re in a crucial section that you can’t edit, you can blur their face or parts of your video instead. To do this, you will need to select the video as before and access the Video Editor section in YouTube Studio.

Automatically blur faces in YouTube Studio

Choose faces to auto-blur in the YouTube editor

Click on Blur parts of your video in the timeline section, then choose face blur. YouTube will then automatically process your video, looking for unique faces. After the process is complete, you can choose the face you want to blur and click on To apply.

You can change the duration of the blur effect by manually changing its start and end timestamps. You can also manually adjust its size so that the blur is exactly the face you want to hide.

Once you are happy with the effect, click to safeguard. But if you want to remove the blur effect instead, click the Trash icon right next to timestamps, or choose Discard changes to undo all effects.

Manually blur your YouTube video

Manually blur faces and objects in the YouTube editor

Sometimes YouTube may not automatically detect the face you want to blur, or you may want to blur something that isn’t a face (like a license plate number). In such cases, you will have to do it yourself. It’s a bit tricky, so follow the steps carefully:

  1. Click on Blur parts of your video of the timeline, but choose Custom Blur this time.
  2. you should see Custom Blur options right next to the video preview window. You can choose between two forms of blur: Rectangle Where oval. Select your favorite shape.
  3. You can also choose between two blur behaviors: Track object Where Blur position fix. The tracking object automatically adjusts the blur to follow the item you blocked, while the fixed blur position keeps the blurred area static throughout. Decide what you want to take to the next step.
  4. Now adjust the position of the blur in the video preview window to cover what you want to hide.
  5. If necessary, add additional blurred sections by by clicking and to glide on the games you want to block. You can also change its duration by changing its start and end timestamp.

Once you are happy with the placement of your custom blur, click to safeguard. Otherwise, click the Trash icon to remove the blurring effect.

Limitations of editing after uploading to YouTube

Although you can add blur effects to your videos at any time, all other effects have limitations. Once your videos reach over 100,000 views, you cannot save any changes you make to them. However, this restriction does not apply if you are part of the YouTube Partner Program.

Make adjustments without losing YouTube views

YouTube Studio is a nifty tool for keeping track of your videos, playlists, and more. You can even track the performance of your channel and individual videos with analytics.

And while the YouTube editor is a fairly basic tool compared to other video editing software, the ability to make minor edits to your video after uploading it is a lifesaver for many creators.

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