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Check How to Get YouTube Subscribers for Channel

It allows ordinary people, known as creators, to post videos for a global audience. Once the video goes viral, the creator takes advantage of it to gain popularity. Many people have become popular and made a lot of money from YouTube. Some have even become internet celebrities. However, before that can happen, creators must first amass a good number of follower-like communities, known as subscribers. The success of a YouTube channel is determined by the number of people who subscribe to it, which means that the more subscribers there are on a channel, the greater the chance of success.

However, gaining YouTube subscribers is not an easy task. It takes a lot of work, time and strategy. As expected, YouTube creators want to learn these tricks and strategies to get more subscribers. Fortunately, this article contains such strategies in abundance. The best and easiest way to increase YouTube subscribers is to buy YouTube subscribers. When a creator creates a new YouTube channel, it starts with zero subscribers. To attract subscribers to the channel, the creator needs to upload videos and naturally attract traffic (viewers).

Longer videos are better

When it comes to a battle between longer and shorter videos, at least on YouTube, the former will always come out on top. Why is that? – it’s actually child’s play; YouTube’s main source of revenue is advertising, and the longer a user stays, the more often they see one. Longer videos can drive results and therefore put more money in YouTube’s pockets. How long does it take to produce videos? – the longer the better, ideally more than 11 minutes. However, it’s worth noting that 4.5 minutes is your target watch time.

Anything beyond that helps, but not by a bigger margin. However, that shouldn’t stop you from making longer videos: you’ll rack up more and more watchtime, and watchtime is a hugely important YouTube ranking factor. Most creators mistakenly believe that views are more important than watch time. And that pushes them to make shorter videos. It is not true; YouTube’s algorithm favors longer videos in the top YouTube search results and recommendations section.

Videos that attract new subscribers rank higher

Put yourself in the shoes of a casual user who comes to YouTube to meet their content needs. Now, if he comes across one of your videos and likes what he sees, what do you think he will do next? – Your first step would probably be to subscribe to his channel and hit the bell icon to stay updated whenever he posts a new video. We’re trying to say that being in the good books with YouTube is to your advantage if your video leads your viewers to become your subscribers.

It’s not easy to get someone to comment or even like your videos, let alone subscribe to your channel. But if your videos accomplish all of that, then my friend, you are doing something right. Although there is no concrete evidence, studies conducted by independent organizations show a link between the number of subscribers to a channel and the ratings of videos. Of course, the order can also result from more views and watch time than a video generates due to the large number of subscribers. This, in turn, will help you get more YouTube subscribers.

Optimize your description

To understand your videos, YouTube does not need you to put the keyword exactly as it was found by search in your description. For example, if your target keyword is “how to advertise on Facebook”, using phrases like “ads on Facebook” or “top 5 ways to advertise on Facebook” will also do the job.

Since your description tends to be long, it’s hard to tell if YouTube considers the keywords placed there as ranking indicators. We found a lot of videos on the platform without structured descriptions, but we had no problem showing up in the top results.

Produce high quality content

Let’s face it, neither you nor I like to see poor quality content. Nobody does. High resolution videos give your videos a professional feel. Your audience will take you seriously and like, comment and most importantly share your creations with others.

So how can you improve your content?

  • Minimize noise pollution by recording your videos in a quiet environment.
  • Invest in quality recording equipment; you don’t need to own an expensive DSLR; a good quality phone camera will suffice.
  • YouTube content at 1080p or higher; YouTube prefers these resolutions when rating videos.
  • Before you start filming, you should have a good script at hand; this will ensure that everything falls into place and whatever you want to convey reaches your viewers.
  • Splurge on video editing software.
  • Add template transitions and breaks to your content.
  • Buy a tripod to ensure stabilized video recording.
  • Review your videos several times before uploading them to your channel.

Backlinks and Video Embeds

Did you think that on-page stats were the only thing YouTube considered when ranking your video and, therefore, helping you get subscribers? – Well, think again. YouTube revealed that they also consider metrics outside of platforms, such as the number of shares, links and embeds. Independent studies have shown a positive correlation between ranking and the number of domains that have linked or embedded the video. Evidence points to the fact that embeds and links have a direct impact on video rankings, but it would be worth noting that videos get more watch time and views due to non-YouTube performance.

It’s also possible that a video got so many embeds and backlinks in the first place because it got more views, comments and likes – its popularity led to the content being shared beyond the platform. – form of video sharing. But all we can say is that more video and review integrations go hand in hand. But, one downside you might notice is that embedded videos lead to short YouTube sessions because viewers are unlikely to watch other videos. As a countermeasure, you can focus on driving viewers to YouTube or inserting playlists into the embedded video so you can direct users to more of your content.

Cross-platform promotion of your videos

There is a virtual world outside of YouTube with a suitable audience base for your content. Why not expose your videos to new eyes on other platforms?

social sites

Why not start with the platforms you’re already active on, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, and Reddit? Of course, you can broaden your horizon and take advantage of other social networking sites as well. When creating content for the respective social media handles, make it a habit to also include links to your original YouTube video; do it on all your social handles.


If you already have an email list, good for you. On the other hand, if you don’t, I suggest you start building one for yourself. Going forward, people on your list will be interested in your content. Since they decided to hear from you by providing your contact details, they are ideal candidates for free YouTube subscribers.

Whenever you create new videos, send an email to remind people on your list. If they like what you’ve created, they won’t hesitate to subscribe to your channel.

Interact with your viewers

Your job isn’t done after buying active YouTube subscribers, you need to make them feel welcome with timely interactions. YouTube is a two-way street, you give and you take. When you receive feedback from your audience, you need to react; This instills a sense of gratitude and appreciation among your viewers, leading them to subscribe and associate with you for a long time.

Comments are essential because it is one of the factors that YouTube considers before increasing the reach of your content. Therefore, you can also ask your audience to leave a comment while watching your video. We are well aware that it is humanly impossible to respond to every feedback you receive, especially if you receive a lot of them and have little or no additional support. But even if you can’t address them all, it would still be helpful if you heard some feedback.

Provide links to competing channels

Why should you promote your rival? Isn’t the goal of creating videos to grow your channel? – well, a rivalry is good; a healthy rivalry is even better. Moreover, your visitors could also follow the linked channels, forcing them to click on the subscribe button and become your subscribers as well.

Final words: how to get YouTube subscribers for the channel

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