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YouTube videos can add value to your customers, promote products and services, or position your brand as an industry leader. Before you can realize all of these benefits, you need to have more focus on your content. Here is a guide to increase YouTube video views.

What counts as a view on YouTube?

YouTube counts views as any instance where a video plays for at least 30 seconds and the user initiates the video playback. This includes videos played on YouTube and those that are embedded on other sites, as long as the viewer actively presses play or follows a link to the video. And with enough views, you can start exploring other YouTube channel business ideas.

How many views is good for a YouTube video?

The number of YouTube views considered successful varies depending on your goals and the size of your audience. Many new YouTube videos only get a few hundred views, and top videos get billions of views. So how much do YouTubers earn is the next obvious question? You may need 20,000 views or more to make money from your content, but there are other requirements. But ultimately, you have to broaden your perspective. If you want to get more YouTube engagement, views can be increased using the methods below.

20 Ways to Get YouTube Views and Grow Your Channel

If you want to add a YouTube channel to your small business marketing mix, adding more subscribers and views can improve your chances of success. Use these tips to get more attention for your YouTube content.

1. Optimize video titles

Titles are often the first thing your YouTube audience notices about your video content. A good title should accurately describe the content, while grabbing the attention of potential viewers.

2. Share videos on social networks

If you already have a developed social media presence, link to your videos and build a following to get more engagement on YouTube. Some social media platforms, like Facebook, prioritize native video content. To take advantage of these social media channels, create native videos that tease and link to your YouTube content.

3. Optimize your YouTube video description

Every YouTube video includes a description that should accurately explain the content to YouTube users. Include relevant keywords to direct viewers using the YouTube search engine. Target keywords can also help your content appear as an upcoming video after other popular content.

4. List related videos in descriptions

Once you’ve attracted viewers to a video, encourage them to stick around and watch more. Choose similar titles about the original video and include links in the description.

5. Learn YouTube SEO

The YouTube platform is one of the best search engines in the world. To appear higher in search results, research keywords and include them in titles, tags, categories, and descriptions. You can also check out YouTube’s algorithm, as it periodically changes to prioritize specific types of content.

6 Create a custom thumbnail for your YouTube channel

When viewers search for a topic on YouTube or scroll down their homepage, they typically only see a title and thumbnail of each video. Create custom thumbnails to grab attention and encourage users to click on your content over others.

7. Create views organically

Some services sell YouTube views to artificially inflate numbers. However, high-quality views from real users benefit YouTube channels more because they create real engagement that improves search visibility over time.

8. Use YouTube Analytics

YouTube analytics show which videos are most popular and when you get the most interaction. Use this information to improve future content.

9. Create a “Most Viewed” Section

Once someone has watched a popular video from your channel, they may be more likely to watch even more content. A “most viewed” section should include all of your popular videos to attract even more views.

10. Embed videos on your website

Embedded videos also count towards your views, so include them on your site to take advantage of that traffic. Make videos embeddable so others can also add them to blog posts and online content.

11. Find popular videos in your niche

Once a video plays, YouTube suggests other similar videos. Don’t create the same video, but looking at other video creators can give you general ideas that might show up in the results.

12. Create Playlists

Playlists are collections of similar videos that play in sequence. Sort your content to encourage people to watch more videos after completing a full video.

13. Add relevant cards in videos

Cards are pop-ups that appear during videos. Include links to relevant videos so viewers can easily find more content.

14. Create custom end screens

An end screen appears after the videos and may include multiple links. This is the perfect place to add your most viewed videos or other relevant content.

15. Reply to comments

YouTube prioritizes videos from content creators who have a lot of engagement. Responding to comments makes users feel part of a community and can encourage even more engagement.

16. Encourage users to interact with your content

Plus, include a call to action at the end of each video to promote your YouTube channel and encourage further engagement. Just remind them to like, subscribe, comment or leave a “thumbs up”. Subscribing or enabling notifications can help you get more views on every new video you post.

17. Include other people’s content in videos

Some videos may include photos, video content or comments from other users. Get their permission first. Then let them know when your content is published so they can promote it on their own social networks.

18. Partner with popular influencers or brands

You can also grow your audience by promoting products or creating video series that include other creators. These creators and brands are more likely to share your content.

19. Attract viewers immediately

YouTube does not require viewers to watch an entire video to count it as a view. But they must stay for at least 30 seconds. So use that time to explain exactly what’s in the rest of the video and get viewers hooked.

20. Create a contest

Once you get people to watch your first video, they’re more likely to subscribe and watch even more. Promote your YouTube channel with a giveaway for people who watch or interact with your content.

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