How to Hide YouTube Subscribers: Step-by-Step Guide


Youtube is the Google-owned video streaming platform that has a large user base across the globe. There are many content creators who use YouTube as a medium to reach their audience and gain popularity. A Youtube channel is considered popular when a certain number of followers follow him and drop likes and comments on the posts. YouTube includes a feature that allows users to hide their subscribers from public view. However, the subscriber count is still visible in YouTube Studio.


Connect to YouTube


In the top right corner of YouTube, click your profile picture


Tap Settings


Go to the left side and click on Privacy


Enable Keep all my subscriptions private

How to hide follower count:


Log in to your Google account


Go to Channel and click Advanced Settings


In the “Number of subscribers” section, navigate to “Show the number of people who subscribe to my channel” and uncheck the box.

You can choose channels to which you are a private or public subscriber. However, in YouTube, all settings are set to private.

Here is the difference between the two parameters

Private: In the private section, no other user has access to the channel you are subscribed to. Even if you are subscribed, your account is not visible in the channel’s subscription list.

Audience: The reverse happens in the Public section. This means that other users can see which channels you are subscribed to. Your subscription list is featured on your channel’s tribute. Your account is visible in the channel’s subscription list.



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