In pursuit of 100 million YouTube subscribers, MrBeast is finally showing off his awesome chocolate factory to the world


A Willy Wonka chocolate factory in real life? Yes please, MrBeast! The YouTube sensation just pulled off another amazing act by building the popular fictional chocolate paradise into real life.


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Not only did he build a chocolate factory, but he also brought in 10 participants from around the world to enter a contest, winning which would win them $500,000 or the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory as a whole.


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While this might sound like a dream come true for chocolate lovers, let us tell you about a challenge that required participants to eat a pound of chocolate as quickly as possible. It certainly wasn’t easy, even for a fan. However, the huge prize at the end allowed most of them to complete the not-so-easy challenges!

MrBeast has built a wonderful chocolate factory

To do so, participants had to collect a golden ticket from a chocolate bar, just like the story. MrBeast had placed ten golden tickets in a batch of Holidays. Those who fell on a ticket were invited to join his beautiful creation.

When the attendees entered the factory, they were completely taken aback. The factory featured everything a chocolate factory should, including history’s iconic chocolate river!

The challenges were not easy to overcome

The first challenge proclaimed by MrBeast was a game of hide and seek, which gave participants a chance to hide in any corner of the factory. Along the way, attendees ended up discovering some exciting areas, including an exciting room made of marshmallows.

After each challenge, MrBeast would have eliminated players cross the chocolate river in a boat – a waste of chocolate indeed! After the Hide and Seek challenge, we saw nine participants fight to climb a Candy Wall of Death. And then there were eight!

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The third challenge required players to gobble down a huge chocolate bar in teams of two. So, at the end of this round, two players have been eliminated instead of one.

This was followed by a fourth (with a massive Mentos and Coke challenge!), a fifth (in the Marshmallow Room!) and a sixth round (Toilet Cake!), all based on luck and some amount of talent in chocolate.

Gordon Ramsey in the house!

During the last round, we had the pleasure of witnessing the impeccable judgment of Gordon Ramsey on the chocolate-based creations of the last three participants! In the end, MrBeast awarded the final entrant his entire Chocolate Factory.

However, in a surprising turn of events, MrBeast came up with some pretty good reasoning for why the winner should sell the plant back to him for $500,000. In any case, the winner is delighted!


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You can watch all of the challenges and special guest features in the video below!


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With over 96 million subscribers on YouTube, MrBeast is one of the richest content creators to date. His content is original and extremely entertaining, and that’s what we would like the ideal content creator to be. In fact, he also announced a bunch of prizes, including ten Tesla cars, to celebrate the launch of two new Feastables!


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