Increase YouTube Engagement: Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views and Subscribers


Views are the most important engagement metric on YouTube. Whatever your goal on the platform, it all starts with views.

Do you want more subscribers, comments, likes or shares? You will need to start by getting more views.

How to Buy YouTube Views

That is why in this article we want to discuss the best sites where you can buy YouTube views.

The process of buying YouTube views is not easy, as many providers sell “ghost views”.

What are phantom views? Ghost views are automatically generated, unreal YouTube views.

YouTube frowns on ghost views. Once spotted, they remove them from the view count, thereby reducing the total view count of a video.

Below are the best places to buy YouTube views without worrying about YouTube penalties, reputational damage, or lower views later.

  • FastPromo
  • io
  • UseViral
  • GetViral
  • Virallyft
  • Famups
  • Follower packages


Gaining YouTube views and subscribers can’t get any more organic than the way FastPromo does.

Unlike most providers who bring you views from God knows where, FastPromo delivers views by running Google ads to promote your YouTube content to the right audience.

Advantages of buying YouTube views on FastPromo:

  • You get real and authentic views: Since FastPromo promotes through Google Ads, your videos are viewed by real humans, which means any consistent views generated will always be considered genuine.
  • Your views benefit from AdSense security: As you may know, AdSense is a popular way to monetize a YouTube channel. When you buy YouTube views from FastPromo, you have the assurance that the purchased views will count towards all of your AdSense transactions.
  • You can get targeted views: For marketing reasons, some people like to buy YouTube likes from specific audience groups like a particular country, interest group, or gender. If that sounds like you, then you’re in luck, because FastPromo has viewers all over the world.
  • High retention: Since all views come from genuine sources (Google Ads), you will never experience a drop in views.
  • Flexible plans:FastPromo is one of the few providers that offers YouTube views in quantities below 1,000. You can buy as little as 500 views if you just want to test the waters and see how it works, or you can buy up to 100,000 views or more. is another wonderful place to buy YouTube views. Like most of the sites on this list, you can also buy YouTube likes from them. But, for now, let’s see what makes their views package worth checking out.

Advantages of buying YouTube views on

  • Promotion of unique content: io uses its vast network of websites and ad placements to boost your content until it reaches your desired number of views. This guarantees one thing: that the views you get are all authentic.
  • A commendable reputation: io claims to have helped thousands of users reach their true potential.
  • Increased viewing time: io offers slow and fast view services that help increase the overall watch time of your videos and improve your YouTube rankings.


No discussion of the best sites to buy YouTube views will ever be complete without a mention of UseViral. This is because of their longevity, transparency, and excellent service.

The fact that they have been around for so long is proof that they know what they are doing.

Advantages of buying YouTube views on UseViral:

  • Strictly high quality views: UseViral is so serious about the quality of the views it sends you that it guarantees they come only from an exclusive network of users. The company has built this network over the years through intensive marketing. So when you place an order to buy views, they just expose your content to those contacts.
  • Strong retention of views: Everyone knows that when YouTube views are real and authentic, they rarely go down. This is the case with UseViral.
  • Targeted views:UseViral understands that not all YouTube views are created equal, which is why they expose videos to their network of users based on specific targeting. In other words, they only send your videos to users who might be interested in them.


The best way to gain views and subscribers is to buy YouTube subscribers from GetViral.

They say they are the most reliable place to buy YouTube views, and we can only agree for the following reasons.

Benefits of buying YouTube views on GetViral:

  • Strictly authentic views:There is no place for ghost views on GetViral, just real views. With its exclusive network of users, GetViral will help you increase your reach and grow your audience.
  • A chance to improve your content strategy: Apart from the YouTube views offered, GetViral also connects you with other YouTube users so that you can explore their content and improve your organic visibility.
  • Affordable price: GetViral is one of the cheapest providers you will find. Their plans are so cheap that you can buy up to 1,500 views for just $10 and 100,000 views for $370.


Viralyft helps you achieve your desired views engagement by promoting your content through a series of campaigns involving Google Adwords campaigns, online content blockers, online promotions and online network marketing. affiliation.

In other words, they use a wide variety of white marketing approaches to attract eyes (views) to your videos.

Benefits of buying YouTube views from Viralyft:

  • No violation of YouTube’s TOS: You can sleep comfortably at night knowing that the views you’ve purchased won’t cause you any trouble – that is, no drop in views, no YouTube red flags, no reputation damage, no loss of Adsense money and no ranking drops.
  • Build social proof: Buying views from Viralyft ensures that your inbound traffic will always land on a page filled with lots of active views.
  • Keeps your reputation intact:Buying YouTube views from a provider like Viralyft ensures that you will always be safe from the embarrassment of viewers noticing a reduction in your view count. Imagine watching a video with 10,000 views on a channel one day, only to come back another day and find 2,000 views; What would you think of such a channel?


Famups is renowned for the affordable price of its YouTube views plans.

In a nutshell, in addition to offering real YouTube views, you can also make purchases based on the strength of your budget.

You can get up to 3,000 views for just $21. That’s the equivalent of 1,000 views for $7. WOW!

Finally, they also offer targeted YouTube views services, which allow you to buy views from specific countries or regions.

Follower packages

Follower Packages is quite similar to all the providers we’ve talked about so far. They sell real views, targeted views and promise high retention.

But in addition, they can offer you something that few providers offer: ad views on top of actual views. If you understand how YouTube Adsense monetization works, you’ll know it’s a good thing because it increases the amount you can earn per view.


Buying YouTube views doesn’t have to be a scary or dreadful thing, as long as you do it right. Whenever you feel like trying it, visit the site of one of the providers we have mentioned in this article.


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