Kalush Orchestra and Ronela Hajati take the lead in YouTube views after the first Eurovision semi-final


Betting favorites Ukraine have the most views for their performance on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel after Tuesday night’s first semi-final. Verified at 5:30 p.m. CEST on Wednesday, Kalush Orchestra’s live performance has been viewed over 1,429,000 times. How does the rest work? We took a look.

The main YouTube personalities of Ukraine

The top five currently looks like the list below. We only took qualified taken into account for this classification:

  1. Ukraine: 1,429,000
  2. Moldova: 604,190
  3. Greece: 506,088
  4. Netherlands: 408,513
  5. Norway: 365,500

Against the results of the show, Albania is the second most watched video. Ronela Hajati didn’t make it to the Grand Final on Saturday, but her live performance of “Sekret” already has over 1,020,000 views – twice that of Moldova!

With less than 80,000 spectators, the live semi-final from Bulgaria is currently the least watched. Among the qualified candidates, Iceland currently occupies the last place. Systur performed “Með Hækkandi Sól” last night and now has 135,000 views, less than 10% of Ukraine’s views.

What do you think? Do these YouTube stats give us an indication of televoting support for some of these entries? How do you think Ukraine, Moldova, Greece, Netherlands and Norway will fare in Saturday’s grand final? Let us know! Be sure to stay up to date by following @ESCXTRA on Twitter, @escxtra on Instagram and love our Facebook page for the latest updates! Also be sure to follow us on Spotify for the latest music from your favorite Eurovision numbers.


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