M8N’s Free Fire ID, Monthly Revenue, Yearly Revenue, YouTube Subscribers, Country Ranking and more


M8N is one of the most popular Free Fire content creators in the world. He plays in the Middle East region and often uploads gameplay footage to his YouTube channel.

M8N currently has 5.98 million subscribers on YouTube.

This article examines its Free Fire ID, stats, and other details.

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M8N Free Fire ID and Stats

M8N’s Free Fire ID is 608823917.

Lifetime statistics

M8N Lifetime Stats
M8N Lifetime Stats

M8N played 15,282 team matches and won 1,637 of them, bringing his win rate to 10.71%. He has 44,390 kills in those matches, with a K/D ratio of 3.25.

The YouTuber has also played 3136 duo games and has 805 Booyahs, which translates to a 25.66% win rate. With 12266 kills to his credit, he has a K/D ratio of 5.26 in this mode.

M8N has played 1324 solo matches and won 227, maintaining a 17.14% win rate. He has 4366 kills in those matches, with a K/D ratio of 3.98.

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Ranked statistics

M8N Ranked Stats
M8N Ranked Stats

M8N has played 834 team matches in the current ranked season and won 27 times, maintaining a win rate of 3.23%. He racked up 1822 kills at a K/D ratio of 2.26 in this mode.

The content creator has won 1 of the 31 ranked duos matches he has played, bringing his win rate to 3.22%. With a K/D ratio of 2.90, he has 87 kills in those matches.

M8N has also played 14 ranked solo matches and triumphed in 2 of them, which translates to a win rate of 14.28%. He recorded 51 kills at a K/D ratio of 4.25 in this mode.

Note: Statistics for this article were recorded at the time of writing. They are subject to change as the content creator continues to play more games in Free Fire.


M8N earnings (Image via Social Blade)
M8N earnings (Image via Social Blade)

According to Social Blade, M8N earns between $2.7,000 and $42,700 per month from YouTube. Meanwhile, his annual income is estimated to be between $32,000 and $512,600.

YouTube channel and M8N ranking

The oldest video on M8N’s YouTube channel was posted in April 2018. He currently has 186 videos on his channel, with over 349 million combined views.

As mentioned above, M8N has 5.98 million subscribers on YouTube. He ranks 14th in the list of YouTubers with the most subscribers in Egypt.

Click on here to visit his YouTube channel.

M8N social networks

To visit M8N’s Instagram profile, click here.

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