‘Minecraft’ becomes first game to hit over 1 trillion views on YouTube


Minecraft became the first video game topic to rack up a trillion views on YouTube.

The passing of this milestone was announced by the official account of the video-sharing platform, with a commemorative clip that parodies the Starship song “We Built This City”. With Minecraft specific lyrics like “We built this city on lava” and “block by block we’re building, how far can we go?”, it also has a bunch of popular characters from the game itself singing along.

Along with the announcement video, YouTube temporarily updated its logo to reflect this historic achievement, with a big one trillion number right next to the red play button. A whole “Trends” page has also been created, where you can read more about how Minecraft has become such a global online phenomenon.

A particular highlight of this is a comprehensive timeline that breaks down all the key moments in the game’s rise to power, like when the Yogcast started their “Shadow of Isphael” series in 2011 or when PewDiePie returned to the community after a long interruption.

By browsing the pages, you can also identify the type of content that contributed the most to that one trillion views figure. In case you were wondering, it turns out the animation is the best Minecraft category on YouTube right now, followed by “Minecraft But” videos. If you’re confused by what the latter is referring to, this is where the creators show off their ability to manipulate the rules of the game by doing things like making you grow at an exponential rate or multiplying objects every time you walk.

Other ever-popular genres include speedruns, parodies, and videos from role-playing game servers like Dream SMP (which has grown so huge it now has its own genre on Spotify).

How popular is “Minecraft” in 2021?

Minecraft has always been hugely popular on YouTube, having emerged as the platform’s top game of 2020 with over 201 billion hours watched.

Of course, it would be hard to achieve this record-breaking success if people weren’t actually playing the sandbox title in the first place. On that note, during a recent Minecraft Streamed live, Mojang Studios revealed that over a billion hours have been logged into the game’s multiplayer and it has reached a staggering 141 million monthly active users.

For context, that’s not quite as much as fortnite (which is estimated to have a playerbase of 350 million and 3.3 billion logged hours) but it’s still far bigger than most other releases. As such, it’s safe to say that Minecraft is not only one of the most popular games in America, but also around the world.

If you want to start creating YouTube content on Minecraft, one of the first things you should look into is how to create your own server. To help you with this, Newsweek prepared a detailed guide here.

The image shows the “Minecraft” keyart. The sandbox title has now crossed one billion views on YouTube, making it the first video game to do so.
Mojang Studios

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