Minecraft YouTube Videos Collectively Surpass One Trillion Views


Few games can remain relevant and popular after more than 10 years, but Minecraft is certainly both of those things. If you have any doubts, stats shared by YouTube reveal that Minecraft-related videos have collectively been viewed at least a trillion times. It’s 12 zeros.

It’s not just gameplay videos either. Anything Minecraft matters, including animated shorts, music video parodies, and role-playing videos. To celebrate this milestone, YouTube has created its own animation featuring key content creators and callbacks to certain videos.

“If each of those trillion views were only for a second, that would be over 30,000 years,” reads a YouTube post. “If every view was a 12-inch-square Minecraft block, you could build a stack from Earth to the sun and back – with about seven million miles to go. That’s the size of a trillion views. “

YouTube has a surprisingly comprehensive breakdown of the numbers, with a full timeline of important videos and channels that contributed to this milestone. This might be quite nostalgic for those who have been part of the Minecraft community since its early days.

There are some interesting findings from the data, such as how popular Minecraft is in certain regions. For example, Minecraft animations are extremely popular in Japan, more so than actual gameplay videos. South Korea seems to be the biggest contributor of views for roleplaying games videos, while Egypt and South Korea love watching videos about survival game mods.

YouTube findings also suggest that Minecraft videos are becoming increasingly popular. It took eight years to generate 500 billion views, but only two more to double that figure to one trillion. So we could potentially see the community hit two trillion views in half the time it took to hit one trillion.

Minecraft: Origins


(Image credit: Microsoft/Mojang)

Essentially the video game equivalent of playing with Lego, Minecraft became an almost instant hit when it was released to the public in 2009, followed by a full release in 2011. Since then, it’s been ported to almost every platform in existence. , putting Swedish developer Mojang on the map and becoming a key IP address for publisher Microsoft.

Unsurprisingly, its popularity has led to a few spin-offs, including a point-and-click adventure game from Telltale Games called Minecraft: Story Mode and, more recently, the dungeon crawler Minecraft Dungeons. Its characters even made it into Super Smash Bros., the first video game crossover.


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