MrBeast gains 9.2 million YouTube subscribers in a month and breaks a record


Popular content creator and philanthropist MrBeast has broken YouTube’s record for the most subscribers gained in a month, bringing in over 9.2 million in November 2021.

This just beat the previous record holder, Indian YouTuber and comedian Wear Minatiwhich gained 9.1 million as of May 2020. MrBeast now hosts 82.2 million total subscribers on YouTube, making it the seventh-most subscribed channel on video content platform.

In November, MrBeast on average over 300,000 subscribers gained daily, with a weekly average of 2.1 million. On November 11, he gained 1.3 million subscribers in a single day.

MrBeast’s subscriber spike largely comes from his recreation of the popular Netflix series squid game. In October, MrBeast announced that it was working to fully recreate each of Squid Game’s games. The entire ordeal would have cost $456,000 to build and set up.

As of November 30, the video has over 126 million total views. On the day of publication, MrBeast gained 700,000 subscribers while daily viewership only increased over the weekend.

the squid game the adaptation isn’t the only project MrBeast has pursued with his Team Seas project, an effort to pick up 30 million pounds of trash from the ocean. To promote this, MrBeast recruited countless streamers for the cause and even appeared on Jimmy Kimmel earlier in the month.


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