Next News Network reaches milestone with 2.1 million YouTube subscribers


CHICAGO, October 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The award-winning conservative news channel “Next News Network” achieved a major milestone earlier this year by breaking the two million subscriber mark. The YouTube channel was founded in 2012 by Gary Franchi.

This latest milestone is just another accomplishment for the Next News Network. The news channel broke the one million subscriber mark in the spring of 2012 and reached 1 billion video views in December of the same year.

The growing viewership shows that the Next News Network has become one of America’s most popular conservative news and opinion YouTube channels. With constant news updates ten times a day, seven days a week, has led to Next News Network’s large fan base.

“Doubling our subscribers in just over two years is a great achievement,” said Franchi, Executive Director of Next News Network, “It’s a testament to the hard work of the Next News Network team. If you believe in something like free press, you should do it right.”

Prior to founding Next News Network, Franchi held numerous other roles in newscasts and journalism.

Franchi has worked as an executive producer/news anchor for WHDT World News, executive producer/host of Reality Report, and editor of national magazine Republic Magazine. Franchi was also President of Revolution PAC, the first Ron Paul Super PAC as well as National Director of Fire by Aaron Russo Restore The Republic, a grassroots organization supporting sound monetary policies in opposition to the Federal Reserve.

This knowledge of creating high quality journalism has led Next News Network to win numerous awards. Over the past two years, Next News Network has won three Content Film Festival News and Journalism Awards. One for Best Overall Production Quality in 2020 and has won Best News Program for the past two years. Next News Network also won a Youtube Creator Award.

“Being recognized by the Content Film Festival and other organizations sets us apart from other media platforms. We try to find the stories and cover them from angles that mainstream media seem to miss,” Franchi said, “We have the freedom to uncover the truth and have become a trusted source of news. Everyone at Next News Network is proud that we have been recognized for our work.”

About the following news network

The Next News Network is a streaming service that offers conservative news and entertainment, from breaking news to interviews with high-profile political figures. Next News Network also offers exclusive programming to its audience, both live and on demand.

The Next News Network is anchored by Executive Producer Gary S Franchi Jr. With over 1.3 billion views on YouTube, The Next News Network has delivered unique insights to viewers around the world since 2012.

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