PewDiePie has 29 million YouTube subscribers, a ton of views


Felix Kjellbergit is PewDiePie The YouTube channel now has over 29 million subscribers.

The online video destination home to an ever-growing library of Let’s Play gaming videos and personal vlogs of the 24-year-old Swede with a penchant for high-pitched screams and charity campaigns passed the 29 million subscriber mark on July 27 2014. PewDiePie hit its 28 millionth subscriber just 35 days earlier on June 23, 2014. This means the channel added its last million subscribers at a rate of approximately 28,571 per day, 1,190 per hour, 19 per minuteor a new subscriber every 3 seconds.

That’s an incredible subscriber acquisition rate, despite being down slightly from previous PewDiePie numbers. (The channel, for example, went from 27 million to 28 million subscribers in just 33 days.) But regardless of the marginal decrease in new additions to PewDiePie’s Bro Army, the channel is still pulling in a ton of views. PewDiePie racks up over 350 million views in June alone, a 13% increase in numbers on the channel compared to the previous month.

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Here’s one of PewDiePie’s newest and most popular videos for curious, uninitiated, and hardcore fans. If you don’t see the call first, watch it for a few more minutes. These videos can easily start growing on you.


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