Pilot accused of staging crash for YouTube views under investigation


A YouTuber is being investigated after being accused of crashing his plane on purpose – you guessed it – for weight.

On December 23 last year, former Olympic snowboarder Trevor Jacob took to the skies in his single-engine plane, flight log records show, with the intention of spreading the ashes of his friend Johnny Strange, who died in a wingsuit accident in 2015. .

While gliding over the Sierra Nevada Mountains, he claims his plane suffered an engine failure. With “nowhere to land safely”, he unlocked his door and jumped to safety with a parachute. Of course, he filmed his escape with a selfie stick.

Trevor Jacob (Trevor Jacob/YouTube)

As reported by AVWeb, Jacob’s accident is currently under investigation by the Federal Aviation Agency. “The agency does not discuss open investigations,” he said.

The video goes on to show him discovering the wreckage, before wandering the forest hills in search of help. ‘I’m exhausted. I’m so thirsty. I’m scared, I’m in trouble, I’m cut everywhere,” he said.

“The only option I have is to crawl through these bushes like I’ve been doing for the past five hours. And, uh, I’m in pain, man. I’m in pain. Whatever I’m going through, I don’t wish to no one.

He finally met a “farmer” after dark, who helped him get home. Jacob then uploaded the video the very next day, where it racked up more than 1.1 million views on his YouTube channel – however, it also sparked controversy, with many believing the crash was staged for likes.

There were a few common “explanations” and observations on the video: some pointed out that Jacob’s “skydiving” parachute is too bulky and big for a pilot to carry as a precaution; others think the door was already unlocked; and YouTuber Trent Palmer, a professional drone pilot, even identified an area nearby where he could have attempted an emergency landing.

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“YouTuber Trevor Jacob completely faked a plane crash for weight. He climbed up with a sports parachute that ZERO private pilots do, dove the plane, and jumped while making sure to film via a selfie stick. Disgusting and fake. Source: My wife and best friend who are pilots,’ another user tweeted.

Although the video is clearly edited for time, it does not appear to show Jacob trying to revive his plane or radioing for help, nor does he appear to be considering landing the plane.

The availability of footage following the crash, particularly a brief aerial clip of the plane descending into the hills, also raised suspicions about the true nature of the incident.


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