Popular Village Cooking Channel now has 1 crore YouTube subscribers


Village Cooking Channel team donated Rs 10 lakh to Tamil Nadu CM COVID-19 Relief Fund on July 4th.

The Village Cooking Channel (VCC) on YouTube reached one crore subscribers, becoming the first Tamil YouTube channel to do so. The show is hosted by a farmer-chief family from Pudukkottai in Tamil Nadu. VCC donated Rs 10 lakh to the CM COVID-19 relief fund on July 4. The channel was launched by Chinna Veeramangalam in April 2018 and features her grandchildren – Murugesan, Tamilselvan, Ayyanar, Muthumanickam and Subramanian – as well as Periyathambi, who previously worked as a caterer.

While Subramanian has an M Phil in commerce and Muthumanickam studied catering, they say they only follow the advice of their grandfather, who had learned cooking from his mother. VCC released four episodes each week before lockdown, each featuring a dish. Due to pandemic restrictions, they only uploaded one video per week.

Apart from the dishes themselves, what sets this chain apart is their style of filming and presentation: filming is still done outdoors, in fields and along the river banks in and around Pudukkottai . The dishes are prepared in large quantities, in huge containers, and after the episode is filmed, the cooked food is served to the locals. They say the family behind the chain to win around Rs 10 lakh every month through their YouTube channel, and some additional income from their Facebook page. Around Rs 2 lakh is spent to produce the show.

VCC’s specialty is non-vegetarian dishes, especially dishes made with fish, crab and snails which the team catches from nearby rivers. Their signature dish is winged termites with puffed rice and the episode where they showed how to catch and eat winged termites became very popular. Most of the ingredients used are locally sourced. They don’t use any electronic gadgets like blender or blender and use stone crushers. Even utensils like pressure cookers are avoided and the team also uses firewood to cook their meals.

The channel already had around 7 million subscribers in January 2021, with videos reaching up to 40 million views. In February, the channel also won the Black Sheep Award for Best Cooking Show. One of the VCC episodes even featured Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who was shot while in Tamil Nadu campaigning for Assembly elections. In the 14-minute episode, they cooked mushroom biriyani and raita, which Rahul Gandhi, accompanied by Congress leaders Dinesh Gundurao and Jothimani, ate with VCC members.


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