Pragati Tiwari Launched Music Video “Saari Saari Raat” Surpasses 7 Million Views on YouTube


May 12, 2022 1:02 p.m. STI

New Delhi [India]May 12 (ANI/GPRC): Pragati Tiwari’s music video “Saari Saari Raat” has surpassed 7 million views on his YouTube channel.
Under the production of Gunbir Singh Sidhu and Manmord Sidhu, the lyrics of the songs were written by Shree Brar and the music is provided by AvvySra.
The song has gained popularity on various social media platforms and is available on several major music platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Gaana.
Music is an art and a medicine that helps get all the emotions your soul needs. Romantic songs have always been an important genre of youth of all generations. Similarly, Pragati Tiwari has touched millions of hearts of Haryanvi and Punjabi fandoms with her magnificent albums of hit songs like Fakeera, Feem, NacheBehisaab, etc. With her YouTube channel under the name Pragati Music, she entertained people all over India. releasing hit songs like “Heartbeat”, “Jaanleva” and “Snapchat” with big-name artists. Her proficiency in Haryanvi and Punjabi languages ​​made her famous, providing the best content to see for her fans.
Speaking about the success of her music videos, Pragati Tiwari said, “All my videos are an audio-visual treat for my fans. Music is my passion and performing has always been my dream, and pursuing both my passion and my dream is an experience. life who be cherished forever. The song SaariSaariRaat is related to the love of the new generation and winning the hearts of the young generation.
The song is very related to young people and conveys the message of the disappearance of a loved one. This music will always be close to my heart. I look forward to working on more music videos and always working for my fans across India. The song has already caused a stir and is looking to gain more reach soon.

Born and raised in Noida, Pragati Tiwari has been fond of singing since childhood. She started her acting career with her brother Mridul Tiwari, one of the top YouTubers in India with the channel name The Mridul. Her first video, in which she starred in Sister Vs Girlfriend, was appreciated and applauded by the public.
As a social media influencer, she has 1.6 million Instagram followers and is popular for making her fans laugh with her videos and reels. She has released almost 100 music albums with acclaimed artists such as Shree Brar, Diler Kharkiya, Channiwala, Amit Bhadana and Elvish Yadav. Her fandom hasn’t stopped loving her on Tik Tok too, where she had 6 million followers! In just one year, she got 1,418,895 views on YouTube with 36.8,000 subscribers.
Pragati has always been grateful to her family and credits her success to her brother who has always been supportive of her career. She was also grateful to her parents, who always stand by her side, supporting her with the best decisions to see her succeed.
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