Running Man’s Kim Jong-kook has 870,000 YouTube subscribers in three days


SEOUL — South Korean fitness fanatic Kim Jong-kook has launched a YouTube channel, aptly called Gym Jong Kook.

A day after posting his first video on June 17 (Thursday), he already had 250,000 subscribers and has since more than tripled that number.

The popular singer-actor, who is best known for being part of the cast of variety show Running Man, has so far only uploaded one four-minute video to the channel, but it has already amassed 5.1 million views on Sunday June 20.

In it, the jovial muscle is seen growling as he works out in the gym – sometimes topless but always with a mask on – and showing off an impressive set of biceps.

“Rather than rating me by the body you see, I hope you will rate me by my sincerity and consistency in exercise,” the 45-year-old said.

He also revealed his pet peeve at the gym: “I can’t stand watching someone train weird. I go crazy when someone takes a long break. The break isn’t necessary.”

“I’m very curious when it comes to exercise,” he added. “The fitness community says don’t be nosy. You know, like getting in the way of people when they’re working out. That’s what a lot of gym guys do.”

When asked if it’s true that those who train with him tend to disappear the next day, he laughed and replied, “There are people who don’t call me back.”

He revealed that others who trained with him picked him up and named singer-actor Rain and singer-host Sung Si-kyung as those who followed him.

“I don’t force people to train if they don’t want to. When I train with someone who likes and wants to train well, it’s completely different and it gives me joy. So I feel good and I eat good food with them after practice.”

Future videos may see him surprise people who have said they would like to train with him, as well as share his meal plans.


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