Shahid Alvi’s video ‘Nagar Palika’ crosses 1.3 million views on Youtube


September 28, 2021 10:49 am STI

New Delhi [India]September 28 (ANI/ATK): YouTube is one of the most used mediums for producing content and expressing oneself.
However, everyone uses the platform for different purposes such as entertainment, sports, politics, etc. Shahid Alvi uses the fun and sarcastic method of communication to spread social awareness.
It aims to make people think while having fun. Shahid uses the local language to communicate with the public. His funny tone caught the attention of people all over the country. The videos are not too long and get the message across to the audience.
Shahid Alvi’s YouTube channel has 290,000 subscribers and offers some of the most viral and entertaining content. The most viral video on YouTube channel ‘Nagar Palika’ is only 19 seconds long and has over 1.3 million views. The growth rate of the Shahid Alvi YouTube channel has been phenomenal since its inception. The video highlights the pothole issues we have in the country.
Nagar Palika draws our attention to one of the country’s most important problems. It also hides the fact that we need to focus on small things first before complaining about big issues. We are too busy blaming the government and forgetting our duties as citizens of the country. Although the government plays an important role, we as citizens must do our best to make the country a better place to live.

Shahid Alvi’s YouTube channel presents various social issues in a fun way. The content is designed to cater to the nation’s youth. Plus, it forces you to think about the issues that are raging in our country. These are the issues that we usually overlook in our daily life.
In addition, the topics chosen are remarkably relevant to the general public. We can easily understand the depth of many situations. Shahid Alvi is a rising YouTuber who understands the platform and makes the most of it.
Many young people are following in his footsteps and rising in the digital space to raise awareness. You can also start your YouTuber career journey now, find what excites you and share it on YouTube. You can also buy Youtube views to give your channel the initial boost it needs.
We need more people like Shahid Alvi who use social media platforms for the benefit of the country and are not afraid to ask questions.
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