Swedish truck driver has over 300,000 YouTube subscribers


You don’t usually find celebrities driving, or even riding for that matter, in big trucks. Yet there is a female trucker from Sweden who aims to change that. Angelica Larsson is a young trucker who shares her experiences on YouTube, where her fanbase is well over 300,000 subscribers.

It’s not your typical trucker, and maybe that’s what’s so appealing about its content. She shares everything from life on the road to new rigs and amazing rides. Her YouTube channel on life as a trucker made her a celebrity. She also makes a lot of money and changes the way women see the life of a career trucker.

A truck crossing the Arctic in the Nordic region | Tim Graham/Getty Images

According to Trucking and the American Trucking Association, only about 7% of all American truck drivers are currently women. It is a lonely and dangerous job that lacks pay, given the current risks. A woman has taken her earning potential and truck driving adventures into her own hands on YouTube.

Meet Angelica Larsson, a Swedish trucker who is officially ranked as the world’s number one “trucking influencer,” according to Business Intern. The 31-year-old decided to share her road trips to inspire more women to consider a trucking career. She created a Youtube channel and contribute with vlog content that did more than she expected.

His successful YouTube channel

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You can watch Angelica Larsson’s videos of her crazy success Youtube channel and find out why it is gaining popularity. She’s gained over 321,000 subscribers so far and isn’t letting up anytime soon. Larsson admitted in an interview that she earns around $6,000 a month, which is double what she earns as a truck driver.

Originally, Larsson started posting fitness-related YouTube videos in 2014. However, as she learned very quickly, her followers were more interested in her work as a truck driver. She realized it was “a little strange” for a petite, five-foot-tall woman to navigate dangerous winter road conditions and operate heavy machinery. So, his vlogging took a turn to showcase more of his life as a trucker. She can do it all, drive snow plows, maneuver icy mountain trails in reverse, and steer bulldozers.

Some of his most popular Youtube The vlog segments are reaching over 300,000 views, including one she calls “CAT 980 to Finland” from a few months ago. In other Youtube vlog, Larsson showcases an “Electric Mercedes Truck”, and this video has already garnered over 400,000 views. You can even watch her remove a waterball plug with a forklift, to show off her crazy skills for the technical side of her job.

Some of the highest paying trucking jobs in today’s market

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Angelica Larsson may be making money from her trucking career documented on a popular YouTube channel. Yet there are other trucking career options that truck drivers academy says pay the absolute most. Oversize load haulers and owner-operators round out the bottom half of this list of highest-paid truckers.

Driving a truck on the ice road is so dangerous that there are reality TV shows about the daunting routes involved. These truckers can earn between $80,000 and $250,000 each season. Truckers are also part of this list of high-earning truckers, with the potential to earn up to $99,500 due to the dangerous cargo involved. Along with those same risky loads, hazmat truckers bring in more than $90,000 a year.

Angelica Larsson’s YouTube channel lets the world get a taste of what it’s like to be a truck driver. And as she continues to grow her channel, she’s likely to inspire other women to pursue the career. While earning $6,000 a month is a nice perk, empowering women behind the wheel of a big rig has always been Larsson’s main goal. She even admitted to saving all that YouTube money with plans to travel and mentor young women one day.

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