Tekashi69 exposed by Fivio Foreign for buying Youtube views for “GINE” video


Tekashi69 continues to build his comeback on the back of Foreign Fivio. He fired another missile at the “We Go Up” rapper, but this time Fivio fired back.


Tekashi69 wants to resume his career and he rides the self-proclaimed “King of New York” to get there. Tekashi has been coming regularly since Foreign Fivio since his surprise return just a few days ago and on the face of it, he is far from done.

6ix9ine recently took to Instagram to call the BIBLE rapper, again.

“Fivio was never Woo,” 6ix9ine wrote. “I bypassed JayDee and rode the wave.

Tekashi69 kept shooting Fivioclaiming the ‘What’s My Name’ rapper left his friend WCO Jay Dee stranded in jail, even though he had more than enough money to bail him out.

“You had the money to bail out JayDee the whole time you weren’t official, you left it there bum ass Ni*ga. You think because my bro ain’t got a big rig- shape, no one will know you’re dirty.

Foreign Fivio caught wind of the missive and decided he had had enough with the “GINE” rapper. Responding for the last time, Fivio took to his Instagram to say, “And that’s why I don’t reply to these niggas chasing niggas.”

“You can buy YouTube views, but you can’t buy chart positions,” he added.

Fivio was referring 6ix9ineThe #1 trending video on Youtube with over 10 million views. When the video was first posted on Friday, it was progressing slowly, but suddenly increased in views over the weekend, indicating a paid promotion.

“Everything that kid said was a lie and everything else is a lie. I apologize to the real 1’s who are mad, I’m entertaining this shit but most of the fans know that. What’s going on? does it really in New York.

Looks like Fivio is up one point in this episode of the Battle for the King of New York.

Since Tekashi69of his return to social media and the world of hip hop, he firmly proclaims that he is the king of New York. He took his trolling to new heights when he questioned Fivio Foreign’s dominance, asking NYC: “Is this your king?”


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