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Kim and Penn Holderness are favorites for Season 33 of The Amazing Race. Before that, they had already become YouTube sensations with viral videos.

Kim and Penn Holderness started out as viral YouTube stars for their cute family videos before competing on Fantastic race season 33. Many fans have already called the pair one of the season’s favorites after winning their first leg of the race in episode three. Kim and Penn said they enjoyed working together on TAR as they have already been training to make family videos for almost a decade now.

Fantastic race Season 33 has already become one of the most novel cycles in the show’s long history. The show had to go on hiatus for a year and a half due to the COVID-19 pandemic and four teams were unable to return after the long season hiatus. As a result, TAR brought back the first two eliminated teams. Kim and Penn won the final leg of the race before production went on hiatus and have been atop every episode since. Overall, they have already become Incredible race fan favorites for their funny commentary and how they support each other every step of the way.


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The pandemic video

Kim and Penn have dozens of videos with over a million views, but one of their latest creations has already reached 1.6 million in a short time. At Fantastic race, Kim and Penn said they really enjoy quarantining as a family during the COVID-19 lockdown and are determined to lift spirits through their videos. Two weeks ago, the couple made this timely video as a parody titled ‘We’re not talking about COVID,which is a play on a popular song from the Disney movie Encanto.

Penn Channels Elsa

Although most of Kim and Penn’s most-watched videos are from years ago, one of their most popular videos was shared in December 2019. The family did a great parody of Frozen 2, which even included Penn wearing an Elsa wig while singing around town. The video has been viewed 4.5 million times, and many fans commented on how surprised they were that Penn could achieve such high ratings.

back to school song

With 8.6 million views, it is the second most viewed video of the Holderness family. They did a parody called “Baby Got Class” seven years ago. The family was filmed in a real school bus, and fans loved how relevant their kid-friendly content was.

Holidays with the Holderness family

Kim and Penn said this Christmas card video was what helped them make YouTube content their full-time jobs. The viral video has over 18 million views and over four thousand comments. In 2013, Kim and Penn – along with their two children – rapped an original song in matching pajamas that fans went crazy for. At Fantastic raceKim and Penn talked about how the hardest part of coming back to the show was being away from their kids, especially since many believe they have what it takes to stay for several weeks and win. the whole series.

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Fantastic race Season 33 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.

Source: The Holderness Family/YouTube

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