Why were SteveWillDoIt’s YouTube videos removed?


Sharp-eyed fans of YouTuber SteveWillDoIt have noticed that all of his video uploads appear to have been deleted.

Disappearing content seems to be a running theme on SteveWillDoIt’s social media platforms, as his Instagram was also would have ‘down’ for a while.

Ever since, the YouTuber’s fans have been trying to break down exactly what’s going on. Here’s what we know.

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Fans notice that SteveWillDoIt’s YouTube videos have been removed

It’s currently unclear if SteveWillDoIt deleted (or archived) his videos himself, or if YouTube deleted them for some reason. All we know is that right now all of its content is gone.

The YouTuber is best known for his “crazy dares”, first joining the platform in 2019 and now boasting over 4.28 million subscribers.

SteveWillDoIt uploaded his most recent video titled “I Spent $5,000,000 on Video” just a few days ago, but like all of his other uploads, it’s no longer available.

Although the social media star is still apparently active on Twitter and IG, he has yet to address his lack of YouTube content, and fans are starting to speculate.

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Fans wonder why YouTube videos were deleted

As mentioned, SteveWillDoIt has yet to address the YouTube situation, leaving fans to make up their own minds.

One fan wondered if Steve had been hacked, tweeting, “Bro, did your YouTube get hacked or something?”

Another wrote: “SteveWillDoIt deleted all his videos on his YouTube channel, this could be some kind of stunt but maybe something happened.”

Others speculated that YouTube had taken down his videos, with one person writing, “Did YouTube do this?”

Fans who follow Steve on other platforms will know he’s focused on an NFT project on Discord, leaving many to wonder if he’s turned away from his YouTube channel for it.

Although the mystery behind Steve’s personal channel remains unsolved, the YouTuber has announced that a new video of Nelk is live via his IG story.

Fans report issues with YouTuber’s Instagram

Amid the removed YouTube content, some fans have also reported issues with Steve’s Instagram.

Some said they couldn’t see his posts, writing, “Ayoo @stevewilldoit Dude, your Instagram is down!”

Another tweeted: “Hey has your Instagram been banned Steve?”

That being said, Steve’s IG account now seems to be up and running again, so maybe we can expect something similar to happen with his YouTube channel.

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