YouTube services are now required to use Google Play billing


Google has asked app developers with apps on the Google Play Store to use Google’s own billing service with theirs. It started requiring it last month, and YouTube is the next company to comply. Now, according to 9To5Googlepeople who sign up for the new YouTube services will pay through Google Play’s billing services.

When you subscribe to YouTube services, you have the option of using Google Play billing

This is something Google has been working on for some time. Last year, the company said it wanted all Play Store apps to use Google Play Billing by September 2021. However, the company delayed that until March 31, 2022. Now that deadline passed, but YouTube had already started the process. back in January. If you subscribe to YouTube Premium, you will be able to use Google Play billing.

Now, if you are a new YouTube TV or YouTube Music subscriber, you will see that it has Google Play billing. However, we don’t know if anything will change for people who already subscribe.

So what’s the deal with Google Play billing?

When you sign up for a service, you provide your banking information to a separate company. This scares people who want to protect their financial information, but they don’t really have a choice in the matter. Most of the time, when you sign up for a service using an app on the Play Store, you use Google billing. This means that regardless of the company that created the application, you only share your data with Google.

However, there are times when apps ask you to use their proprietary billing service. Then your data will be fully transferred to another company.

To help this, Google started making a change last year that required all Play Store apps to use optional Google Play billing. This means that each app will give users the choice to keep their billing information with Google.

As an added benefit of using Google Play Billing, you will be able to manage your subscriptions using the Google Play Store app. You can manage all your subscriptions in one place rather than going to the corresponding app. Often, you access a company’s application that redirects you to a browser window where you must, again, log in to the service. Then comes the hassle of finding the account management settings.

The thing is, some companies like to make it hard to find where to turn off their subscriptions. This is a major hassle, but using Google Play billing, canceling the subscription can be done in just a few clicks.


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