YouTube Subscribers or Views or Likes – What’s More Important?


YouTube is a great platform for creators to monetize their special skills, talents, experience, expertise, and anything else users might find useful. YouTube uses advanced algorithms to gauge the popularity of a YouTube channel. Payment for ad impressions and ad clicks is calculated accordingly.

For creators who are just starting their YouTube journey, such things might seem a bit complicated. There are often questions about which is more important, YouTube subscribers, views or likes. Are YouTube subscribers more important than YouTube views? For clarity, let’s analyze each of them in detail.

YouTube Subscribers – This is probably the most important measure of your YouTube channel’s popularity. There are various reasons for this. The number of subscribers reveals that people like your videos and can’t wait to see more from you. The higher the subscriber base, the better it will be for brands to advertise their products or services. Brands can benefit from widespread advertising through a YouTube channel that has 1 million subscribers, compared to a channel that only has 100,000. subscribers is likely to generate more ad revenue.

YouTube views – It does not only take into account the clicks, but also the time users spend watching the video. This is done to discourage things like clickbait. In the background, YouTube’s algorithms also determine whether the video is watched by a real human or a machine. There have been instances where creators have used automated software to generate more views. From the creator’s perspective, views can work as a feedback mechanism. They can provide insight into the type of content users prefer.

YouTube likes/dislikes – This is again a mechanism to discourage clickbait. YouTube likes are also a factor in calculating ad revenue. You also need to check if the video was liked by a real human or by an automated system. From the creator’s perspective, YouTube likes are a mirror of the popularity of a particular video.

The fundamental purpose of YouTube subscribers, views, and likes/dislikes is to encourage genuine creators while discouraging unscrupulous creators. It also comes into play when calculating ad revenue. YouTube doesn’t reveal its algorithms, so it’s hard to accurately gauge which one is more important. In addition, geographical factors also come into play.

As a creator, you probably can’t ignore any of these three factors. If you’re aiming for a full-time YouTube career, subscribers, views, and likes are all equally important. They are essentially linked and no individual aspect can be ignored.


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